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5100 Flat Top Rd., Adamsville, AL 35005

Dear Residents of Adamsville,

 Starting in February of 2022, Big Sky Environmental transitioned to a new style automated side loader garbage truck. This new system brought us into the modern era of residential garbage pick-up service. Prior to February we furnished all registered Adamsville residents, with the exceptions of Apartments and Trailer Parks, a new 96-gal garbage container that will be picked up by this new system. If you are a new resident of Adamsville you may register for weekly trash collection either on-line using the link located on the home page of our website or by calling 205-767-5592.

 Here is some additional information regarding trash collection and containers

  • We provided each resident with one container at no cost. Residents who feel they need more than one container, may purchase a second container at our discounted cost of $120.00.
  • We will only pick up what fits inside each container.
  • We ask that all containers be placed approximately 2 ft. from roadway, with a minimum of 1 ½ ft. clearance around containers. This allows the arm to safely capture the container without damaging anything surrounding it.
  • It is the residents responsibility to move the container to your house since our delivery men are not allowed to go onto your private property.
  • We will leave the new containers at your home in the best place for our truck to pick up. Please place your garage in this same place on pickup day.

 Adamsville Resident Guidelines for Free Waste Disposal at the Landfill

  • Household and yard waste only
  • Only one (1) load per household per week. After one (1) load, resident must pay.
  • The load may not exceed the equivalent of one (1) pick-up truck.
  • Trailers may not exceed 10 feet and must be single axle. This means a small utility trailer or pickup truck bed . . . Not Both
  • Residential convenience center is only allowed for small loads ad determined by the scale operator, Larger loads will need to be taken to the appropriate dump site
  • Valid ID with Adamsville address and sticker must be presented in order to utilize free waste disposal
  • Residents must follow all posted traffic signs throughout the landfill.


Please note that Adamsville’s City ordinance pertaining to garbage collection, will still be in effect.  

Please review the following information.

  1. There are currently no fees charged by Big Sky. (except for additional trash containers)
  2. We will only collect your household garbage. No appliances, construction material, furniture etc. will be collected. You may, however, bring those items to our facility at no charge.
  3. We ask that all garbage be bagged and put into these containers. Boxes must be broken down if larger than container opening.
  4. Normal daily routes will remain the same. Pickup times during the day may change. Therefore, we ask that all containers be put out by 6:30 am to ensure that it is out when our truck comes by. Our routes truck will leave our facility at 6:30 am and enter the daily routes shortly thereafter. Containers not out when the truck comes by will not be serviced until your next scheduled pick-up day. There will be no exceptions. Truck’s dash cam will be used to verify if container was out on time.
  5. Garbage Stickers will no longer be issued by the City of Adamsville and not required by us. However, residency in Adamsville will be verified by us for garbage service. Anyone needing a Big Sky sticker to bring other items to the landfill, will be able to pick these stickers up at Adamsville City Hall. Proof of residency will be required in order to get these stickers. These stickers should be placed on your vehicle windshield, on driver’s side.
  6. Each trash container has a serial number that is assigned to the physical address and must remain with that property even if you move.

Most Common Materials Not Accepted at the Landfill

  • Car Batteries
  • Motor oil
  • Liquid waste (e.g., non-dried paint, household cleaners)
  • Untreated medical waste
  • Cathode ray tube (CRT) screens (tube monitors and TVs)
  • Products containing mercury
  • Computers
  • Nickel-cadmium (NiCad, or rechargeable) batteries


There are no holidays in 2022 that should affect your garbage service, except Thanksgiving on November 24th. That Thursday route will be on Friday November 25th. Please make note of this change.


Thank you and we look forward to serving you with the new system.

The Management Team

Big Sky Environmental                      

                                                  If you have questions, please contact us at 205-767-5592


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